Does development continue outside of Sveasoft anywhere?

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by tsmith, Jul 26, 2004.

  1. tsmith

    tsmith Guest


    This is probably a FAQ; but .. I am wondering the following;

    (1) Is there a CVS / project site coordinating fixes to Satori 4.0 (eg outside of Sveasoft)?

    (2) Is there a list of known bugs/issues with this firmware

    Something like a sourceforge project would be great .. I know someone forked one of the later sveasoft beta's into sourceforge; but I was hoping for something that at least has some expectation of being relatively bug reduced and where one or more people are interested in furthering development/fixing bugs and not just a see how quickly we can get code 'leaked' from Sveasoft

    1) I'm not intending the above to be a judgement of any particular sourceforge project; just IMHO code that is marked beta and is continuing to be worked on is best left to the existing team
    2) I don't want to discuss the GPL or Sveasofts model; I simply want to use Sveasofts 'public' code; and possibly contribute where skills/time allows -- the moderators have made it clear that any discussion re those 'hot' topics won't be permitted; I think my questions are OK to discuss/respond to (I'm sure a moderator(s) will let me know if they aren't)
  2. jdepew

    jdepew Administrator Staff Member Member

    These questions are fine :-D

    I'd like to know the answers as well. As they are developed we will link to them as well. There is already discussion of one in 'Other Firmware Projects' Forum.
  3. appleboy

    appleboy Guest

    I am also looking for any alternatives to sveasoft
    There are some features from sveasoft that i still like and would like to see improved but i'm having too many hardware and ethical issues with sveasoft.

    I know there is openwrt which i have used but i miss the web interface, are there any other good projects that are worth checking out?
  4. atwater88

    atwater88 Network Guru Member

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