Does the latest DD-WRT work on wrt600n?

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by Searcher61, May 13, 2008.

  1. Searcher61

    Searcher61 Network Guru Member

    I have been trying to find a 3rd party firmware that works on a wrt600n because the Linksys firmware seems to have a lot of problems. I was told tomato supported it, but found it did not. I noticed DD-wrt says it supports it... I have a v1 of the router.

    I have noticed others saying it works well with "b, and G" but not "N",

    I have also heard others cannot flash it.... (think that was because of build 5 of linksys's firmware). And heard the LED are all messed up.

    Are these still problems? And are there other? I don't want to trade one set of problems for another.

    If so, what is the latests RC and version...generic, mini, VPN should I use?
  2. Searcher61

    Searcher61 Network Guru Member

    Well, I got a partial answer...if you use the latest just released v24 build of DD-wrt, you will lose your wired connections. Meaning you will only be able to use wireless. Apparently there is a new switch drive that did not make it into the latest release. So I am back to waiting.
  3. jgdiaz

    jgdiaz LI Guru Member

    I am currently using the dd-wrt.v24_mega_generic firmware on my WRT600N router and both the lan ports and N 5Ghz wireless network work granted the N only connects at 130Mbps(cause it cannot properly control the 5Ghz radio yet, at least this what I read somewhere) instead of 270mbps that I got on the linksys firmware, but if it is more stable than the linksys firmware I will be happy with the 130Mbps connection speed, I just have to wait a few days or weeks and see if I get the disconnection problems on my wireless networks that I had after installing the linksys 1.0.36 v3 firmware.
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