Does the WRT54GS route between LAN ports for QoS?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by zzz1545, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. zzz1545

    zzz1545 LI Guru Member

    I am specifically after a QoS setup but my question is way back on the physical network setup. In order for QoS to prioritize traffic, shouldn’t my ISP’s router be connected to the WAN port of the WRT54GS?

    I can’t get anything in or out of my WAN port. (Maybe it's physically broken but the WAN LED blinks appropriately.)

    If I connect the ISP’s router to one of my LAN ports, packets get passed but I “assume†that’s only because the LAN ports are just a HUB. Is this a correct assumption? Or does the WRT54GS route/QoS the data between LAN ports?

    For QoS work with an ISP’s router upstream from the WRT54GS, and multiple Ethernet devices downstream from the WRT54GS, what should the network configuration look like? And is there a blog or How To for this kind of setup somewhere?

  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    afaik the WAN is the only one that by default has SPI and QoS. LAN port are not a HUB. Hubs are dumb they no nothing of MAC addresses. the LAN ports are Switch based.
  3. zzz1545

    zzz1545 LI Guru Member

    Great! Got it! The LAN ports are switched!

    So I have to get my WAN port working.

    My first router (which is from my ISP) has an IP number of I connect my WRT54GS's WAN port to my ISP's LAN port. If I configure the WRT54GS's WAN port to and the WRT54GS's Router IP Address to, data will not pass.

    However, if I configure the WRT54GS's WAN port to and the WRT54GS's Router IP Address to, data will pass. Unfortunately, this is not in a bridged mode.

    I want the network on the WRT54GS LAN ports to be on the same network as my ISP router's LAN ports. I suspect this should be really simple but I'm having lots of problems. Can this be done? And/Or can someone point me to a HowTo?

  4. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    Actually what you want is not simple because its not possible. At least not the way you want to do it. You can do it by plugging the lan port of your isp router into the lan port of your WRT and using it as a switch. But you will get the same functionality out of a cheap network switch. Your WRT is first and foremost a router. A router cannot have ip's in the same subnet on both side of the device or it has nothing to route (its doesnt know what to do). As you noticed if you simply put your lan on a different subnet all works well. I take it from your original post that you are after what we will call QoS and before i once again get on my you cant do QoS from a single endpoint kick lets be clear at what you want and we will go from there.
  5. zzz1545

    zzz1545 LI Guru Member

    ifican, I will be glad to post what I'm trying to do!

    I have a network with about 15 devices on it. Some have routable static IPs, some have non-routable static IPs, and some get their IP from a DHCP server running inside a Uverse router. Those routable static IPs are from Uverse; there's also another Internet routable IP [that is not always static] where all my NAT traffic comes in through. (To me, this is really strange but that's how AT&T set it up.) So basically, my internal network has 3 different sets of IP numbers; as long as I keep my network small and not segmented into subnets, everything works.

    I run backups to my offsite colocated cabinet. When this occurs, my upstream bandwidth is not able to accommodate my VoIP phone hub. The Uverse Router does not support QoS so I have to implement that somewhere else... as in the WRT54GS. I thought I'd configure the network as so:

    (Uverse Router with routable static IPs and DHCP) --> (WRT with bridging and QoS) --> (Switch connecting other devices)

    I would prefer to leave the Uverse Router handing out DHCP IP numbers. (I think it's got to handle the routable IP numbers and NAT number.) Thus, the WRT54GS is just doing bridging with all traffic flowing between it ports while prioritizing my VoIP data up the WAN port.

    Sorry this is such a hard to read thread but any help would be greatly appreciated!

  6. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    Rather then do you an injustice by trying to retype the response i just spent 20 minutes creating and accidentally deleted when i moved away from this screen to see if you had contact info on file (DOH). PM me an email address and we can go over your network in the detail i need to make this work the way you want.
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