Downgrading v2.07 WAP54G+WDS on speedtouch?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Lexophilia, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. Lexophilia

    Lexophilia LI Guru Member


    I want to downgrade my mustdie v2.07 firmware to an older one, coz I want to put hyperwap on it. I guess hyperwap supports another WDS compatible devices, insteed of the mustdie wich doesnt support another wds device but other linksys wds devices.

    Second question.
    If someone knows hyperwap isnt supporting other wds devices but linksys, wich firmware does??

    This is my situation:

    I just moved to a complex with several rooms...there's a speedtouch 546 with a pheenet CPE-2012G antenna 12dbi

    I got a weak signal, so I want to repeat the signal with a linksys wap54g. But linksys only supports other wap54g's or wrt54g' no support for speedtouch :(

    How to fix this problem....maybe there's a (illegal)firmware upgrade for the speedtouch 546 with an powerhack to raise his transmitting power.

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