Download Speed of WRT54G v4 not equal to SMC Barricade! Help

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by sgmaps, Nov 30, 2005.

  1. sgmaps

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    I have picked up a WRT54G v4 router to take advantage of the QoS capability. Upon running through all of the install steps and correctly connecting the unit I ran some DL speed tests to compare it to my SMC Barricade router I was hoping to replace. I noticed the DL speed comparison was consistently 1mbps slower than my SMC. I know all about the v5 issues out there so I stayed away from that version and picked up this v4. I even flashed it to the latest FW from Linksys and it still did not help. I took this back to the store and found a WRT54G v1.1 on the shelf and it too was consistently 1mbps slower than the SMC. I tried adjusting the MTU settings but this did no good. I flashed the v1.1 to the most current Linksys FW and this also did not help. These speed tests are being conducted via wired LAN connection and not the wireless option. I am running Windows XP SP1 on my system. Does anyone out there know some tweaks I can do to increase my DL speeds?? I have not flashed the unit to any of the 3rd Party FW available.. i.e. DD-WRT etc. Would flashing to any of these 3rd party firmwares allow me greater control over my DL speeds to increase this to a speed comprable to my SMC? What about using a WRT54GS V4?

    Thanks for any help provided! :(
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