Download WRT54G v2.2 firmware before upgrade?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by electrickery, Jan 16, 2005.

  1. electrickery

    electrickery Network Guru Member

    Before trying some of the available firmware upgrades for the WRT54G, I would like to keep a copy of the original firmware3.03.1. But this version does not seem to be available online. The most recent US version is v3.01.3 and the EU version is 2.02.7!!

    Is there a way to get the current version out of the WRT54G before overwriting it?

    My Model No is WRT54G v2.2, the serial number starts with CDF70....
  2. cbrunnkvist

    cbrunnkvist Network Guru Member

    I'm in the same situation exactly. I'd feel much less reluctant to try any upgrade if there was a way to backup the currently installed firmware...

    I've been in contact with Linksys "support" (oh, the irony) but none of them appearently ever heard of the 3.03.1 version. And I've never gotten through to second line support - though by my experiences so far I see no reason they should know anything of value...

    Judging from other postings here on the forum, I think it looks as if at least HyperWrt 2.0b4 will run on the v2.2 WRT54G hardware.

    I'm right in the middle of finishing an essay at the moment so I don't want to risk anthing 8) but as soon as I'm done I'll have a go at HyperWrt.
  3. bubbazaneti

    bubbazaneti Guest

    8) Hi guys!!!

    The solution 2 Ure prob. is to go 2 Ure WRT54g config site, usualy locatet at, login and then go to the button Administration and under there press the subbutton called config management!!!In there U can backup ore restore Ure config!!!
    The Original firmaware should be on the disc incl. in the Linksys package of The WRT54g! Then U just rollback to the original firmaware and grap the cfg file of the config of Ure WRT54g and Ure up and running again!!!

    By the ways i am running the US Firmavare version 2.04.4 US, i upd. from a eu version, as i live in europe!!! And i also upd. all my clients with the respective US versions of their firmaware, and everything runs smooooth!!

    Have Fun!!!

    Bubba Zaneti

    PS!!! For extra lockdown and sequring Ure WRT54G i sugest that U use the https comunication instead of just http!Linksys_configLinksys config
  4. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    your firmware would be the lastest. so why would you want to downgraded in the first place?
  5. cbrunnkvist

    cbrunnkvist Network Guru Member

    I had hoped so too, but it turns out there's no such thing on my CDROM.

    Well, not that it seems totally relevant, but what hardware revision of the WRT54G do you have- v2 or v2.2?
  6. electrickery

    electrickery Network Guru Member

    My main reason for asking was that it would allow me to revert the WRT54G
    to the original state. This in case HyperWRT didn't work for me. I installed it
    anyway and there is not much need for a downgrade to the original firmware
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