DSLAM Specifications

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by miryousafzai, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. miryousafzai

    miryousafzai Network Guru Member

    Hi there

    If some one can help me on this forum it would be great of you

    I needs to know about the DSLAM because I am going to purchase this device. Here is the link of the device about which I am talking


    But I needs to know about the chipset info of this device. I needs the specification of the device in the following chipsets
    1. Ti Chipset
    2. Lucent Chipset
    3. Alcatel

    Plz if any company deals with this kind of device then post the contact of those companies for me so that I can contact them

    Thanx in advance :)
  2. slamcat

    slamcat Network Guru Member

    Wow, you do realize that it's mainly the CLECs that purchase these, correct?.

    Just about any DSL carrier would be using some sort of DSLAM inline. Take your pick.
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