Dual BEFSR41 LAN Party

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by HEAT, Nov 13, 2005.

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    I searched your forums, but could not find a topic that seemed to relate directly to my problem. Sorry if there is already a post out there.

    My friends and I bought 2 Linksys BEFSR41 routers for some of our LAN parties. I can get one of the routers to work with the network and internet, but the other one doesnt.

    My Connection: I have the internet hook up to my cable modem then to my first router's internet port. 3 of the 4 ports are going to other computers and the 4th is going to the second router's internet port. I then have 2 more computers using 2 of the 4 ports on the second router.

    All computers on the second router do not get internet and can't connect to the router's web interface. How do I set up both routers to work together? Also, what kind of configuration do I need to do for each computer?

    Is what I'm doing called daisy-chaining?

  2. HEAT

    HEAT Network Guru Member

    I seemed to have fixed my problem. I set the second router to use a static IP address with the Default Gateway set as the first router's IP.

    BEFSR41 ( ---> To Computers: 192.168.1.(100-109)
    BEFSR41 ( ---> To Computers: 192.168.1.(110- 119)

    Although I didnt get any help, I thank you guys anyways.
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