Dual Gateway setup - Tomato or DD-WRT

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by stick&puck, Mar 25, 2014.

  1. stick&puck

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    I'm looking to setup a dual gateway setup similar to what Sabai OSv5 has, the ability to be able to say have
    Client 1 router all its traffic through VPN and client 2 not through it.

    I've read about creating a second Wifi network and routing that subnet through the VPN network but ive seen so many different ways on doing this.

    I've searched and seen various methods but no clear or concise guide or method, i would prefer on paying Sabai for their OS since you don't get constant updates with it. Once your 12 months is up you would have to pay again if they release a new OS.

    Any help is appreciated
  2. sleepermjs

    sleepermjs Serious Server Member

    I would also be interested in a solution like this.
  3. dziny

    dziny Serious Server Member

    For dual WAN I would recommend openwrt and their dual WAN package mwan2
    I realize openwrt might not run on routers tomato support so it might entail a purchase of a new router (but we are only talking about £50 or less, see
    for example).
    The stability of openwrt is legendary even of the latest trunk which is theoretically "unstable" distribution, the only reboot I even had to do was due to an upgrade. mwan2 package integrates well with the web interface luci you get immediate overview of the status of both links. The only drawback is that you'll have to configure openvpn using
    the config files as there is no interface for it. I have not done exactly what you want to do (to have link 1 forced into openvpn) but it is something that is doable very cleanly using the config files.
    mwan2 package lets you do exactly what you would like to do - you can have different clients use different links to outside. Of course things like failover and load balancing are also possible.
  4. dziny

    dziny Serious Server Member

  5. sleepermjs

    sleepermjs Serious Server Member

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