Dug Report for shibby tomato MIPSR2-104 K26 Max on Asus RT-N12 B1

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by benson, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. benson

    benson Serious Server Member

    there has several bug for reference.
    1. Vlan mapping on RT-N12 is wrong. can't assign a port to a vlan.
    2. I set wireless mode to N only, 802.11b or 802.11g client can still connect. I use asus official firmware, is only 802.11n client can connect if I set to N only mode.
    3.N only mode , the bandwidth set to 40Mhz, the router still working in 20mzh. in inSSIDer,it's show only a channel working.

    tomato is good firmware, working with my WNR3500L is prefect.
    but I still like Asus RT-N12 B1, its wireless signal is large better than WNR3500L.
    I hope has bug less tomato firmware for RT-N12 B1
  2. benson

    benson Serious Server Member

    shibby is here?
  3. benson

    benson Serious Server Member

    How to enable ShortGI for better 802.11n performance? I can't find a option to select longGI and ShortGI in tomato firmware. longGI is 0.8ms every data packet, shortGI is 0.4ms every data packet.
  4. radionerd

    radionerd Networkin' Nut Member

    LongGI/ShortGI is called Preamble in Shibby. Preamble Short or Preamble Long on Advanced Wireless tab. A few us less delay on short than long (A microsecond is one millionth of a second, not 0.4ms).

    N channel is 40MHz wide, It will need to be 3 channels from high or low channel on 2.4GHz. In USA we have ch1 through ch11 (ch1, ch6, ch11), so N must be at least channel 3 to stay within the lower legal band limit. If you set to N on ch 1 or ch 11, it won't do N.

    Setting to N will increase interference between you and your neighbors, it will also greatly limit your connection as signal goes down. Once you find the clearest channel with Inssider, try comparison speed tests between N and B/G. You will find 2.4GHz N is a great sales gimmick, but in real world N is not good for you, or your neighbors enjoyment.
    Placing the AP up high away from electronics, metal, clutter, put it in a window, or high up on a wall to maximize performance.

    I found this link to help you visualize the problem with using N on 2.4GHz. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_WLAN_channels
  5. benson

    benson Serious Server Member

    hope shibby can add the function:
    ShortGI(Short Guard Interval) can be set to long|short|auto.
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