Dynamic Bandwidth allocation (Quality of service)

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by filrou, Jan 14, 2006.

  1. filrou

    filrou Network Guru Member

    I have the following topology on my home network:
    A 1Mbit ADSL line connected to a WAG54G
    A computer connected to the WAG via UTP cable which is always on.
    The WAG also provides wireless coverage in House #1
    Another LAN cable runs from the WAG to a WRT next door to House #2 which provides wireless coverage to House #2 with a different SSID.
    Everything works fine. The problem is i need to dynamically allocate bandwidth from one house to the other when necessary.
    House #1 computer should have 100% bandwidth until house #2 computer connects to the local LAN and asks for bandwidth in which case it should at least be allocated 50%-50%

    What would be the optimum way to do this (IP based or Subnet Based Rules)? And can i do it with software and windows ?

    Can i tweak my WAG54G firmware to support dynamic allocation?

    I know i can do it with double LAN cards on PC #1 and VMWARE running Linux but i dont like this solution.
    I have found the following software "SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager" which can allocated bandwidth but not dynamically.
    Any ideas ?
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