E2500 w/Shibby 1.28 104 Max - maximum 5Ghz WDS LAN speed 30Mbit?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by VirtualLarry, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. VirtualLarry

    VirtualLarry Serious Server Member

    I recently purchased four refurbished E2500 routers from the Cisco Home Store. I had originally planned to put DD-WRT on them, but after I did, I found out that DD-WRT is still in the process of supporting the 5Ghz radio in this router. Then I discovered that Tomato already supports it, so I became a Tomato user. :)

    Anyways, I set up three of them in a WDS configuration, over 5Ghz, in a star or hub-and-spoke configuration. Router 1 is the main router, and also has 2.4Ghz radio enabled in AP mode for my laptop to connect. Routers 2 and 3 have a 5Ghz WDS connection to router 1. I have PC(s) plugged into the ethernet ports into router 2 and 3, in different locations in my apt.

    I cannot seem to get more than 30Mbit/sec through the WDS link, even though to my knowledge the 5Ghz band in my apt building is basically unused. I have the WDS router 1 slaved to my FIOS router. I have 30/25 FIOS internet.

    Speed tests from my wired desktop (through the WDS link between router 2 and router 1), are around 22-23Mbit/sec, both up and down.

    Viewing the device info page on Tomato, it shows that they are connected at 130Mbit/sec, although they often seem to drop down to 6, on that page. Even though whenever I speedtest.net test it, the connection is solid at around 22-23Mbit/sec.

    I formed a Windows 7 Homegroup between two of my PCs (over the WDS link), and that's where I saw that the network utilization, for a 100Mbit/sec wired connection, was running around 30% (30Mbit/sec), when transferring a DVD ISO.

    I am using WPA2-PSK/AES for the WDS link. I am set to channel 40 (5Ghz). I've tried it with both 20Mhz and 40Mhz channels. Not much difference.

    This wouldn't be so bad, but I've just put in an order to upgrade my FIOS to 85/35, and I would like to be able to take advantage of that speed.

    Also, secondarily, connecting my Asus X401A laptop (2.4Ghz N150) to the 2.4Ghz AP of Tomato on the E2500, I generally get speeds of around 2Mbit/sec. Even when the laptop and router are in the same room.

    I had to break down, and connected a D-Link DIR-655 in AP mode, to one of the WDS nodes (LAN-to-LAN port), and am instead using that for my 2.4Ghz link. I am getting much better connection speeds. (22-23Mbit/sec, the limit of the 5Ghz WDS link.)

    Is there some inherent limitation with WDS, to make it slow like that, or is there is a configuration problem with my Tomato, or is my refurb router defective, or is there a software bug?

    I realize that this router was only fairly recently supported (THANK YOU!!!!!), so there could be some latent bugs, but I would think the problem could be in my configuration somehow.

    One thing that I haven't tried, is getting rid of the encryption, and testing that way. I wonder if it's a CPU limitation on the router, if it is doing WPA2 in software for some reason.

    Edit: I got the firmware from here:
    http://tomato.groov.pl/download/K26RT-N/build5x-104-EN/Linksys E-series/
    It's the one labeled E2500 "Max"
  2. VirtualLarry

    VirtualLarry Serious Server Member

    I reconfigured, instead of a primary WDS node and two secondarys, I configured the primary WDS node as a 5Ghz AP, and then configured the two secondaries as Wireless Ethernet Bridges.

    Now, instead of 23Mbit/sec, I'm getting almost 40 on the download.


    Is this some sort of inherent limitation in WDS mode?

    Is Wireless Ethernet Bridge mode only for a single wired client, or does it properly handle having multiple computers connected to ethernet LAN ports working over the wireless?

    I noticed that one computer connected to router 3, can print to my wireless printed connected to router 2, even though they are both bridged wirelessly to the primary WDS router. So does this mean that every wired LAN port on the ethernet bridges, are part of the same L2 domain?
  3. rafwes

    rafwes Serious Server Member

    Once again, WDS retransmits your packages giving you just 50% of the bandwidth. Even when connecting 2 APs, you are range extending your wireless, so the other AP HAS to retransmit everything the first AP has transmitted. On WEBs one AP act as a client, not extending the range of the other AP hence eliminating the need for retransmissions.
  4. Engineer

    Engineer Network Guru Member

    Larry, wireless Ethernet bridge is just like having a wire Ethernet switch on the network. You can have as many devices as you can connect to it and it will work fine. I actually do this instead of buying wireless cards for my PC's as I have found a router in Ethernet Bridge Mode usually performs much better than a wireless card.

    As for your speeds, I know I've gotten over 100Mbps transfer rate but YMMV as my distance and signal interference may help me more than yours.
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