E3000 + RAF1.28.8691 Ext = Schweeeeet!!

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by kardzzz, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. kardzzz

    kardzzz Addicted to LI Member

    installed a E3000 + RAF 1.28.8691, replacing a Buffalu G125. I highly recommend this E3000 router although some probably don't like the fact it has internal antennas.

    G125 was running 240 cpu speed, versus 480mhz for the E3000. This is very noticeable on my network.

    Initla flash: used Victek's RAF1.28.8691 MIPSR2_RAF E3000 USB Ext. No issues what-so-ever.

    *thanks Victek for the f/w and Toastman for advice on router.
  2. bidouilleur

    bidouilleur Addicted to LI Member

    running that setup for over 3 weeks now, sweet stumblefree ride for now
  3. kardzzz

    kardzzz Addicted to LI Member

    @bidouilleur, what's your 'conntrack max connections'? the default was 4092 but i put it on 8192. I believe the max connections can be 300k+ on these n-routers.
    *Just want to understand what you guys are using.
  4. Toastman

    Toastman Super Moderator Staff Member Member

  5. bidouilleur

    bidouilleur Addicted to LI Member

    at this point I have hardly changed anything except some forward rules for my voip and vnc. I did play with qos on my old wrt54 but for now I need the keep the gate open since I run a 30 min test on my connection. Doing this over a long period to help (read prove) my ISP that they used throttling. And funny enough since I monitor the line, it disappeared ;-)

    Need to figure out how that can run without QOS while all the rest is ... ideal would be to set the script in the e3000 but since it is a limited kernel, it misses some components and I'm not a nix kids yet.

    Would be a great thing if for example the tomato's would all have something like speedtest build in with some way to save the data. This way we could all use qos and BW limiter without affecting the speed testing.
  6. LucasMoon

    LucasMoon Network Guru Member

    I have to ask but where you get this firmware?

    I just got the E3000 linksys yesterday and notice that tomato does not support it.

  7. Ronnie_USA

    Ronnie_USA Networkin' Nut Member

    Your right Tomato doesn't support it, but TomatoUSB does.

  8. shibby20

    shibby20 Network Guru Member

    E3000 is the same as wrt610Nv2.

    Hardware is the same as netgear 3500L, but netgear hasnt dual-band and this is the only difference between linksys E3000 (wrt610Nv2) and Netgear 3500L ;)
  9. LucasMoon

    LucasMoon Network Guru Member

    Thank you !
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