EA6700 (with 2 flash partitions) goes back to stock firmware after reboot

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by hokuto, Nov 20, 2016.

  1. hokuto

    hokuto New Member Member

    I have recently flashed my EA6700 with Advanced tomato (which is supposedly based on Shibby mode, I believe)

    I have had a serious problem where it will automatically boot back to stock firmware after a couple of shutdown or reboots. It has probably something to do with the 2 flash partitions. However I wasn't able to solve the problem by flashing it twice, as many suggested.

    What options do I have? Would there be a missing configuration somewhere?
  2. koitsu

    koitsu Network Guru Member

    This is (what I believe to be) the 2nd report of this type of problem happening. Reference material for the first time I had heard of it:

    Original report (for an RT-AC66U): http://www.linksysinfo.org/index.ph...-web-gui-shibby-base.70254/page-8#post-277857
    My follow-up: http://www.linksysinfo.org/index.ph...-web-gui-shibby-base.70254/page-8#post-278675
    RMerlin's follow-up (and some subsequent posts by both of us): http://www.linksysinfo.org/index.ph...-web-gui-shibby-base.70254/page-8#post-278802

    This problem appears to happen to only a very few number of people (i.e. is extremely rare) and the root cause isn't fully understood or known. It seems to happen across different models and architectures (Asus RT-AC66U is MIPS-based, Linksys EA6700 is ARM-based).

    All this is somewhat anecdotal in the sense that I have never had this happen to me on any device I've owned, but it is obviously happening to an extremely small number of people. I do not know or (or if!) it would be specific to AdvancedTomato/Shibby; I refuse to point any fingers.

    The only workaround I can think of off the top of my head would be to buy a replacement EA6700 (or alternately, RMA the existing one (be sure to restore it fully to the stock firmware first)) + flash it to the firmware you want + reboot/shutdown several times and see if you can reproduce it.

    I can't help past this point, sorry.
  3. Frequenzy

    Frequenzy Networkin' Nut Member

    it's the same issue as ea6500 and ea6900, try this

    1. upgrade to ofw
    2. upgrade to ofw
    3. upgrade to ofw
    4. upgrade to tomato.
  4. Jose C

    Jose C Serious Server Member

    I do have this same problem on my linksys e6500v2, it only happens when the power goes out, if I reset or shutdown from GUI it won't go back to original firmware.

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  5. hokuto

    hokuto New Member Member

    I did try flashing old stock firmware a couple of times before flashing to Tomato. But it goes back to the backup partition a couple of reboots. In fact I have been hitting this problem 4-5 times in the last month.

    I was told in some forum (dd-wrt, I suppose) that EA Smart router series has 2 flash partitions and will automatically load the backup partition after 3 failed reboots. I suppose the failed attempt is logged somewhere but I don't yet know where.

    At first, I used the shutdown function before i power it off. One day, Wi-Fi failed to work and I eventually find out it went back to stock. After a couple of instances, I started looking for solutions, and did try a couple of suggestions from others (or that I *guess* would mitigate the problem)
    1. Flash stock a couple of times, then flash Tomato
    2. Flash Tomato twice (or even three times - after 3 / 4 times it went to stock directly)
    3. Pay attention that I used shutdown every time I want to power it off
    4. Reboot every time after I power off and on.

    Since last night, I suspect that one of the flash partitions was not behaving correctly. It seems to accept stock firmware (15MB) but not Advanced Tomato (22MB). However, I don't yet know how I could access the backup partition or verify this claim.

    My backup solution is to reduce the time needed to reconfigure it by loading all my modifications from a shell script.

    Jose: how long did you wait between shutdown command and power off? I also suspected that I wasn't using the shutdown option correctly....
  6. myea6700

    myea6700 New Member Member

  7. Jose C

    Jose C Serious Server Member

    I power down the router once the countdown reaches 0.

    The problem was so annoying I had to buy a UPS for this router, every time the power went out, even for a second, I had to flash it again.

    Speaking of this, the other day we had a power outage for about three hours, and the router ran until the ups was depleted, I was ready to flash it again but it didn't went to stock then right after that I power cycle it and forgot to use the shutdown option and the fucker went to stock again so not really sure how that works.

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  8. Realjohny

    Realjohny New Member Member

    This is an old topic but I have experienced the same issue with Shibby built of tomato and not with Advanced Tomato.
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