Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by PeterT, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. PeterT

    PeterT Network Guru Member

    Anyone come across an EasterEgg in Tomato 1.11 ?

    I did find one, but it didn't work in IE, but it did work in FireFox.
  2. roadkill

    roadkill Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    the penguin at the about screen?
  3. PeterT

    PeterT Network Guru Member

    Yeppers :)
  4. acidmelt

    acidmelt LI Guru Member

    Heh, when I went over the source of the page a while back I noticed a function called "moo" that uses pi and trig functions, I thought "hmmm.. thats weird.. wonder what that does..".
  5. MiseryQ

    MiseryQ Network Guru Member

    Well that's interesting. After about 10 goes and It'll get ya dizzy.
  6. danix71

    danix71 LI Guru Member

    And how is it...? The Easter Egg I mean, how it goes?
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