Editing/"hacking" around with the wusb54g v4 driver

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by adamcole, Sep 16, 2007.

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    I'm a longtime Linksys product user but I just recently found Linksysinfo.org and all the great information available here. I updated a few routers with 3rd party firmware to increase the signal strength and it went great.

    I've got about 6 or 7 PCs that use the WUSB54g v4 adapter. I went ahead and updated the drivers for these machines to the and it went ok although I don't notice much of a difference since the update but it wasn't supposed to change much anyway. I am curious if anyone has posted a guide to editing the rt2500usb.inf with any advantageous results. For example, what is this for?:

    ; Show Hidden SSID in Site Survey Page
    HKR, , ShowHiddenSSID, 0, "0" ; 0=disable(default), 1=enable

    What does it mean by hidden? I've installed it with this flagged and not but didn't notice any new SSIDs. Is this a standard thing that can be changed from the setup program once the driver is installed?

    Also, under the country region section, if I was to set mine to one of the other regions (like "MKK1 (Channel 1 - 14)") would it allow me to set the channel to the channels not available to the USA currently?

    My main interest is the Tx Power section:

    HKR, , TXPower, 0, "0"
    HKR, Default, TXPower, 0, "0"

    is this the same thing as the transmit power you can set by right clicking the linksys icon on the notification area? Do you think it can be set higher than "100%"

    These maybe simple or pointless questions but I thought I would ask while it is still fresh on my mind. Thanks!
  2. HellOnWings

    HellOnWings Guest

    RT2500USB.sys is the worst written piece of software in all of computing history!

    From RaLink with LinkSys and Cisco Systems endorsement, they should all hang their heads in shame at having released this hackerware [software written by uneducated teens and teenyboppers who have no formal education whatsoever, especially not in computers]. I mean that with 100% passion.

    Being an Electrical Engineer that has designed more than a few computer systems and having been on the first 64-bit systems design team [mainframes which begat the home computer microprocessor designs as copies of our mainframe design, see Dr. Wirth at Intel and Time Magazine, December 1996, I believe, or google how Wirth copied mainframe design to design all microprocessors at Intel and others] I have witnessed the complete deterioration of a once intelligent field of study and discipline: computer software.

    How any system in existence can be crashed with a Blue Screen Of Death by a .sys and a .inf file is beyond comprehension.

    The three levels of Error Mode [which WE invented: Control Mode 1, Control Mode 2, and Control Mode 3] are supposed to ensure that the code in error is never executed again without software and hardware engineering inspection and enabling and thus prevent the total system crash that is Control Mode 3, or, the Blue Screen Of Death. This is resident in the ErrorHandler of mainframe systems; apparently Microsoft and even Intel do not yet understand the concept of making a machine crash proof using Control Mode ErrorHandling.

    Using the Microsoft Debugger, every time the WUSB54GV4 driver is installed and the associated wireless receiver plugged in XP Professional goes directly to the Blue Screen Of Death.

    The debugger identifies RT2500USB.sys as the cause. Apparently, it references an index, directly or indirectly, where nothing resides, i.e., a bad index. How this can happen with any compiler is unfarthomable, and the job of the linker is to ensure that all references are valid [tag 3: executable program code, or, an IRW chain leading to valid code].

    So, Ralink and Cisco did not check their compiled code, and worse, they made a .sys file able to crash a system. A .sys file should never have such power, it is a text interpretor system file, not executable code, and therefore should not have the authority of executable code which should be the only code capable of causing any such errors, and even that should be crashproof.

    Sorry, these guys are still not hiring people that know software, computers, and networking; it figures though as all these silicon valley computer companies keep cutting costs in a zeal to profit, rather than to provide products that work.

    They are just cheap and unwilling to pay Americans that actually know engineering and software.

    Once I have broken this code apart, at the disassembly and machine language level, I'm going to ship the analysis back to Cisco and tell them to get off their high horse and start hiring professionals; maybe they should just simply move out of California to a state that has evidence of intelligent life.

    Like the Northeast where the computer was invented? Where the best engineers in the world come from.

    Thanks for wasting all of our time LinkSys and Cisco.
  3. pipedream

    pipedream Guest

    and... what does that have to do with the OT?
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