Editing & saving radvd.conf - Toastman v1.28.7498

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Lorenceo, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. Lorenceo

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    Hello all.
    I've recently changed ISP to one which supports native IPv6.
    I've been having some issues with it, and have determined it to be an MTU issue.
    I use PPPoE to authenticate, with an MTU of 1492.

    The RA configuration in tomato seems to ignore this value, defaulting the v6 MTU to 1500 which results in many sites not loading. If I set the v6 MTU manually on my computers to 1492 then v6 sites work as intended.
    Unfortunately some devices on my network do not allow the setting of MTU (iPad), so I wish to get the router to give correct MTU information through radvd.

    Currently the radvd.conf file in /etc/ seems to be the default one. I have tried editing this and then FTPing it back onto the folder, but after a router reboot radvd still uses the default .conf.
    In order to get radvd to give out the correct MTU information I have to enter this line into its .conf file: AdvLinkMTU 1492;, As well as kill and restart radvd with -C *path to edited .conf* to get v6 working properly. While this works as a temporary solution, it is no good in the event of a power cut as the router seems to default back to using 1500.

    I've been trying to get the modified radvd.conf saved to the nvram so that the router will use it when it boots, but have not had any success in doing so.
    I was hoping that someone on here can advise on how to get tomato to save and use manually edited .conf files at boot, or has some other method of getting it to change the RA MTU value to that which I specify.

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