EFG120 Hangs on large file transfer

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by AWC01, Feb 2, 2005.

  1. AWC01

    AWC01 Network Guru Member

    I connected my EFG120 via a router (WRT54G) to the internet.
    Transferring large files on my local network (LAN) from PC to EFG120 and reverse works perfect!!

    Though, when I try to download a large file (4MB) from the EFG120 to the office over the internet, the download becomes aborted after a short time, and the EFG120 doesn't respond anymore.

    Restart the EFG120 solves the problem, but the download of large files causes the same problem everytime.

    reminding, Up and Download over my own Local Area Network is NO PROBLEM.

    The helpdesk of Linksys suggested me to set the MTU of the router to 1450, but that didn't work.

    Who has the same problems, and what was the solution?


  2. HPS2

    HPS2 Network Guru Member

    I've noticed this on my EFG120 as well, but only after first restarting it. It seems that my computers have internet file transfer hanging issues only after the EFG has been restarted. Subsequent file transfers are ok. I've noticed this sometimes via LAN as well. Very strange and I hope that Linksys figures this one out with the next firmware release (whenever that will be).

    I've also found out that the shutdown/startup feature is useless (not the disk sleep function). The device shuts down at the specified time but never wakes up. Not good if you are on the road, need to access files and cannot (which is exactly what happened to me). Linksys acknowledges that this is a problem and it will be resolved in the next firmware release.
  3. AWC01

    AWC01 Network Guru Member

    This is a strange one...

    I have to restart the EFG120 everytime after a hang-up due to large file transfer!

    I tried to reduce the MTU setting to 1300, and upgraded firmware to 2.18

    Tomorrow I give it a try from the office.

    Tough, tests from other Internet users where hopefull, no hang-up anymore, even at 20MB download.

    But, those connections where at significant lower download speed as from the office.
  4. AWC01

    AWC01 Network Guru Member

    Tried it from the office....

    EFG120 hang again....
  5. PhilL

    PhilL Network Guru Member

    Hi AWC01. I have had over the past couple of months two EFG120s which had the same problem. I noticed that when I transferred large amounts of data, the EFG would systematically appear to shutdown its disks, with all of the scondary consequences which we have seen. I have recently been shipped as a replacement a "Version 2" of the EFG120, and it appears to be fine. Could it be that Linksys recognized a while ago that there was a problem with the Verion 1 EFG120, and that this has been fixed in the Version 2? In any event, if you have that problem, I could suggest that you try having your unit replaced by a Version 2.
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