EFG120 Maximum file size reached. Clearly it is not NTFS.

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by ctbailey, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. ctbailey

    ctbailey Network Guru Member

    Hi to the forum.

    I performed a search on "EFG" through this forum, not much activity on these NAS devices.

    Here's my question:

    Why can I NOT create a 3.4 Gb +/- file on the EFG?

    thank you.
  2. ctbailey

    ctbailey Network Guru Member



    I have dealt with tech. support 3 times now at Linksys.

    The tech people believe that if I DOWNGRADED to firmware R2.5v16 BETA that the file size issue will be resolved.

    They emailed me V.16 BETA of the firmware and I installed it.

    I'll email the BETA firmware in case anyone else needs it.

    The unit would not reset, either soft OR hard reset.

    We were able to determine it would not reset due to the fact that only the default password would come up upon reboot. All of my other settings (ie device name, time zone, and others) would remain as I set them, and not factory defaults.

    Linksys has issued me an RMA and I need to send my "defective" unit back.

    All this because I wanted to use Veritas Backup Exec running on a client PC, backing up the EFG120's "disk 1" onto "disk 2," esentially creating backup FILES. Instead of using 5 different tapes, and 4 different weekly tapes, I wanted to make 5+4 (9) seperate backup files.

    Obviously this doesnt help the TRUE need for backup, like fires, or theft, or complete device failure - you need a tape backup, and bring them offsite for TRUE backup.

    This method however was intended to provide some backup reduncancy, (I could always burn the weeklies to CD) but really it was intended for the "OH CRAP I JUST DELETED... AND I DID IT ON MONDAY!' kind of situations.


    thanks for reading this.

  3. JimTan

    JimTan Network Guru Member

    I've already returned an EFG250. They are are POS. Contrary to what linksys says, they ARE NOT NTFS compatable.

    My problem was with a mixed network - Macs and PC's. The Mac filesystem installed on Win2K Server works fine with everything - Win XP, Macs, etc. except for the EFG 250. I finally narrowed it down to a problem with the way the EFG handles Unicode file names - it doesn't.

    If you want NTFS compatability, go buy a cheap Dell with a couple of big hard drives. The cost runs just about the same and there is 100% compatability.

    BTW, I sent a nastygram to Cisco regarding the brain-dead support over at linksys. Looks like it fell on deaf ears.
  4. tscraps

    tscraps Network Guru Member


    I've had problems with my EFG250 as well. Most disturbing has been the tendancy of this little box to lose recognition of its HDD's. I've had this happen twice, both after ungraceful powerdowns. I now have the device on a UPS but I really have no confidence in it in terms of reliability. I end up backing *it* up to a Linux box once a week just in case, which defeats the purpose of me buying it in the first place. I'm very disappointed in it.
  5. ctbailey

    ctbailey Network Guru Member


    Well, the BETA firmware was not installing correctly, so they RMA'd me.

    I got the new unit, flashed it down to R.16, and everything has been workign fine since.

    I run it on an UPS also. I do have it re-booting every Sunday morning at 06:00.

    So far, no real problems other than the file size limitation.

    I'd have to say I'd give it a 4 out of 5 stars. Not bad, really.

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