EFG250 NTFS compatability problems

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by JimTan, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. JimTan

    JimTan Network Guru Member

    Just bought and retuned an EFG250 for a customer.

    The network is a mixed PC and MAC environment, with the MS Services for Macintosh installed on a Win 2K server. The EFG was to be used as a backup device for the server.

    After a little research, I found out the SFM uses unicode characters in file and directory names to map the illegal (for Windows) characters that the Mac can use. Thus, the Macs "see" what it likes, and the other windows machines "see" what they like.

    Here's the problem: The EFG250 does not, at least to my knowledge, understand unicode. After repeated attempts to by myself and Linksys Tech (almost)Support to get it to work, they've basically thown in the towel. Haven't heard from them in a couple of days after a direct question regarding the unicode issue.

    I would also suspect that the EFG120 is not fully NTFS compatable.

    So, here's the soultion: Buy a low end machine with a big hard drive and have 100% NTFS compatability.

    Not trying to flame here, just a caveat to anyone who is thinking about getting one of these units....
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