Enabling WEP for WRT54G causes drop out

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Chewy, Mar 7, 2005.

  1. Chewy

    Chewy Network Guru Member

    I've been running my WRT54G for over a year without a hitch, broadcasting the SSID and with WEP disabled (I live fairly remote). I've noticed recently a couple of wireless connections appearing that I don't recognise so decided to enable WEP and disable SSID broadcast.

    When the connection is first made everything seems OK but will drop after a couple of minutes.

    I've tried enabling SSID broadcast, changing the SSID, changing the passphrase, changing the channel, moving the router, disabling the option for 802.1 authentication and upgrading the firmware for the router but to no avail.

    I know the source of the second network to be reasonably trustworthy but I'd rather be secure than sorry.

    I can bring the network temporarily back to life by simply logging onto the router, make a minor change and save the settings, so I'm assuming it's a problem with the router keeping the clients connected.

    Any suggestions gratefully received.
  2. kaladeth

    kaladeth Network Guru Member

    Is your router at the top of the preferred networks list? Also do you autoconnect to non-preferred?
  3. Pacif13r

    Pacif13r Network Guru Member

    Unless you think they care & know enough to use a packet sniffer effectively. Why not just take the easy option in view of your problems with encryption and lock out all but your MAC address.... Also you may as well leave your SSID broadcasting as they certainly already know about it if they have been on your network before.
  4. Chewy

    Chewy Network Guru Member

    Thanks guys,
    The router is at the top of the preferred list and connect to non preferred networks automatically is disabled. I did think that if I was getting a stronger signal from the neighbour it may be trying to connect to that.

    According to MS they suggest the SSID should be broadcast all the time (bit of a cop out I reckon) but that doesn't seem to resolve the problem as I mentioned before.

    I reckon the MAC address is the way to go for now but it's just so frustrating when the initial connection is so good and then just for no reason drops out...

    Thanks again.
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