Encryption method: "Easy Security"???

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Owen_Stubbs, Mar 28, 2005.

  1. Owen_Stubbs

    Owen_Stubbs Network Guru Member

    Been reading this entire site for several days - great info!!! Thanks to all for your invaluable advice.

    I'm slowly coming into the age of wireless. Purchased a WRT54G v.3 (f/w v3.03.6, Jan. 6, 2005) and a WPC54G (driver ver Router is connected to a XP SP2 system, laptop is Win2000Pro SP4. Trial and error, and great info here and at DSLReports let me know that WPA is not really an option for W2K, and I was not successful running WSC's assistant, so I'm stuck with WEP at the moment.

    Noticed that the notebook adaptor has an encryption option for "Easy Security". The description says "Linksys Easy Security can automatically secure your network using WPA-Personal..." Goes on to describe how a key and SSID is generated using an answer to a question, and your b-day. Also says it only works with a router or AP that supports the option. My router definitely does not have this option.

    So, what is this? Something new? Something old? I seem to have the latest f/w on the router, and it is not giving me that option.....

    Searching this site, and DSLReports has yielded nothing, not that I claim to be the best search artist.

    Anyway, thanks for some great posts, and perhaps someone can shed some light on this mysterious encryption method...

    BTW, Happy Easter!
  2. Esquire

    Esquire Mesquire Staff Member Member

    Not a new encryption method. Sounds just Buffalo's AOSS - a proprietary wizard application that helps setup encryption over the network.
  3. Owen_Stubbs

    Owen_Stubbs Network Guru Member

    Thanks Esquire. Sure seemed different to me... they reference it as "secure your network using WPA PERSONAL... as if this was some hybrid.

    Odd thing is, WPA of any sort would not seem to be an option for the machine it is in (W2K), yet that is where I see it. My router is connected to a XP SP2 machine, and does not offer any sort of "Easy Security" option.

    The Linksys KX has something they refer to as "easy connect", not "easy security", but they specifically say it only works with XP, and it looks similar to the utility that runs off the install CD.

    Anyway, thanks. What I really need is something that actually gets WPA running on this W2K machine, preferably without cost. I tried the WSC supplicant, but it did not work for me.
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