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Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by thelaz, Aug 27, 2004.

  1. thelaz

    thelaz Network Guru Member

    I just bought a WRT54G...Flashed it with Satori v4..No error messages
    during flashing, everything looks ok. I want to use it in client/bridge mode.
    All settings from web interface are for client mode and "wl ap" reports back
    "ap is 0 (off)". All security settings are disabled.
    Here comes the part that drives me crazy...
    When I type "wl status" or "wl assoc" I get the message

    eth1: Invalid argument

    Something is fundamentally wrong here. wl scan; wl scanresults; join bla bla is supposed to be a very straightforward procedure. Am I missing something here? I am not the guru/expert when it comes to wlan, but this
    is driving me nuts...

    I flashed the bios a few more times but with no luck.

    Any kind of advice/help/suggestions will be mostly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    did you do a full reset after flashing?
  3. thelaz

    thelaz Network Guru Member

    Yes I did, about 30 seconds long.
  4. thelaz

    thelaz Network Guru Member

    Here is an update on the situation.
    Every time I flash Satori and provided that I don't reboot the box
    client mode is ok.
    If for some reason I change the IP of the box or type "reboot" I get the same strange error.
    Any ideas?
  5. grcore

    grcore Network Guru Member

    What other firmware have you had on this box? only linksys?

    Have you tried the erase nvram trick?

  6. thelaz

    thelaz Network Guru Member

    I had Satori 4 - No problems

    Then I flashed to samadhi ( - The problem starts

    Then back to Satori - The problem remains

    Erase nvram trick ?? No, never heard of it..

    Any more info on this please....


  7. grcore

    grcore Network Guru Member

    Enter the following in the command box:

    /sbin/erase nvram ; /sbin/reboot
  8. thelaz

    thelaz Network Guru Member

    It didn't solve the problem.
    I compared two dumps of nvram. One before and one after reboot
    (before and after the error message). They are identical.

    I wonder what causes this mess up after I reboot.

    If I restore to factory defaults or perform a reset rom the back switch
    everything is ok until the next time I reboot.

    Is this a hardware fault?
  9. grcore

    grcore Network Guru Member

    I dunno, my guess is there is some errant nvram variable that got set with one of the previous firmware versions, and is not directly referenced from the web interface in Satori4. I had a problem when I switched from WiFibox to sveasoft a long time ago, and I had to delete a few nvram VAR's to get it working properly again. (since then someone mentioned the erase nvram trick, but I never had to use it).

    Can you do a dump of your NVRAM var's and send the file? I cpould take a look at it to compare with mine.

  10. thelaz

    thelaz Network Guru Member

    I have an xls file with both the good and bad (after reboot) dumps of nvram. Please send me with pm your email address so I can forward the
    file to you. I don't know how to attach it on a forum message.

  11. grcore

    grcore Network Guru Member

    pm sent

    pm sent
  12. raptor

    raptor Network Guru Member

    the same problem

    I have the same problem....
    So what is the solution ?!
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