EWRT 0.2 final : 12 october 2004

Discussion in 'EWRT Firmware Project' started by Eric, Oct 16, 2004.

  1. Eric

    Eric Network Guru Member


    Key Features:

    NoCatSplash -based captive portal
    Traffic shaping with Wondershaper+iproute2
    SSH and telnet management
    Wireless transmit power selection, client mode, Adhoc, WDS
    RSSI stats reporting for invidual clients
    Remote syslogging

    Fixed cron startup by restoring link from /etc/cron.d to /tmp/cron.d
    Re-enable check_ps and hook up splashd, syslogd and dropbear
    Don't link ssh to scp, we don't have ssh client functionality
    Remove timestamp checks from the nocat Makefile that break the build
    Clamp MSS to PMTU for all cases and fix MSS issues for PPTP users as well.
    Added a whole boatload of additional nocat variables and prefix them with NC_
    Fixed the logic surrounding whether to start the "start_wds_init" scripts or not.
    README fixes
    Add du and df to busybox
    Remove a timestamp check from the OpenSSL makefile that breaks the build
    Add a sleep before starting nocat in services.c, which broke nocat startup for some users

    Download bin : http://www.portless.net/ewrt/binaries/ewrt-0.2.bin
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