EWRT 0.4.3 Captive Portal Setup Problems

Discussion in 'EWRT Firmware Project' started by powertrip, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. powertrip

    powertrip Guest

    I've just got myself a brand-spanking-new WRT54GL to use as a public hotspot for a friends cafe. I have gone ahead and uploaded the EWRT firmware without any problems.

    My issue is that I just can't seem to get the WRT to pop up the splash page at all. No matter how I connect things, or play with obvious settings I can't get it to show that login page.

    I've enabled the CP radio button, verified that the splash page directory is correct. Non-local DNS is disabled and there is nothing in the include/exclude ports area.

    I was concerned about the "Gateway Mode" option - there appears to be a pull-down but there is only one option "Open" -- is this correct? What is it for?

    Any suggestions? Are there other features (firewall?) that need to be configured a certain way on the WRT for the captive portal to work?

    Any help would be appreciated. I haven't had any luck finding any how-to documentation from Portless on hwo to set this up correctly and am at wits end...

  2. GeeTek

    GeeTek Guest

    If the Linux Wizards who write these firmwares cannot figure out how to code into the GUI a simple method of splash page with auth, how would end users who argue over the pronunciation of Linux expect to make any progress ? There are threads spread from Germany to Hong Kong claiming that with enough simple "Scripts", it "Should" be easy enough to do. If the programmer who wrote M0n0Wall could figure it out, why is there such a snag for these programmers to write it into a GUI ? Why do newbs need to learn about 3 different file systems, and spend 3 months on the internet learning enough linux code to crash the damned router, to finally figure out that the auth page really isn't going to happen ? Must be a lot harder to write the code than it seems it should be. Isn't this all open source ? Is it that hard to copy and paste in the working M0n0wall code and re-compile ? It's just not logical. Either they are holding out for something, or Geroge Bush has somehow also taken control of firmware development.
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