EWRT 0.4.3 Firmware released

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    Wow, missed a lot of changes from Portless Networks.

    Supported units:
    WRT54G v1.x/v2.x/3.x/v4.x
    WRT54GS v1.x/2.x/3.x/v4.x

    changelog 0.4.3
    * Three major functional fixups for NoCatSplash:

    - The peer data can now be synced to a file with each auth/unauth, and leases re-initialized across server restarts or reboot. Simply define LeaseFile in your nocat.conf (set NC_LeaseFile in nvram on ewrt)
    - The redirect didn't wait for the firewall scripts to finish, often resulting in a user getting the splash page a second time.
    - The DHCP server would occasionaly recycle "pulled" leases too quickly, and a user would be trapped in a loop on their new IP, since it was still in the peer database with the old MAC. They automatically replace the old lease now.

    * A few changes to generalize the model dependencies and config process in expectation of major changes and adding more supported hardware, coming in ewrt-0.5.

    * Fixed the ipkg and ipkgtmp scripts to do the right things in the right places. I added an ipkg.conf which fetches packages from our website by default, but this can be overridden by setting IPKG_CONF_DIR.

    NOTE: ewrt-0.4 will only run ipkg-ed kernel modules for 2.4.20, or binaries linked statically, or to the installed uClibc-0.9.19 libs.

    * A bunch of new logging to syslog in the init process and callbacks for udhcpc events; I moved some of this stuff off of the serial console to make that easier to use as well.

    * A new nvram variable: ip_conntrack_max, which will set the corresponding /proc entry (if >1024) at boot to raise the limit on the number of NAT-tracked connections. This is useful if you have a lot of users and start getting messages in the syslog saying the limit has been reached.

    For additional changelog details pre-0.4.3 look here http://www.portless.net/menu/changelog/

    Homepage: http://www.portless.net/menu/ewrt/
    Dowload from: http://www.portless.net/menu/downloads/
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