Ewrt 0.4.4 Released!

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    Released 10/15/2006
    (Oops, I guess I'll have to pay more attention)

    Supported devices
    Ewrt 0.4.4 for WRT54G v1.x/v2.x/3.x
    Ewrt 0.4.4 for WRT54G v4.x
    Ewrt 0.4.4 for WRT54GS v1.x/2.x/3.x
    Ewrt 0.4.4 for WRT54GS v4.x
    Ewrt 0.4.4 for WRT54GL

    Changelog 0.4.4
    • Fixed bugs in the firewall reinit - squashing the nocat rules when filters were enabled or WAN DHCP was renewed.
    • Disabled uClibc optimizer/relinker to allow support for external (ipkged) apps.
    • Removed a bunch of the binaries from the default base image into ipkes of their own (e.g. nas, ip, tc, eou, ez-ipconfig, etc.) to gain more writeable space.
    • Built and tested support for the following ipkged apps: tcpdump, iptraf, microcom, strace, gdbserver and chillispot, robocfg (includes scripts to automate setup of additional vlans with separate DHCP servers.)
    • A nocat-pwd package which contains a new version of splashd with username/password based authentication mode and metered time on accounts.
    • shfs-utils package contains kernel module and utilities for the Secure Shell Filesystem - mounting network volumes with an ordinary ssh server.
    • Experimental support for the mini-fo overlay filesystyem.
    For additional changelog details pre-0.4.4 look here http://www.portless.net/ewrt/source/ChangeLog

    Homepage: http://www.portless.net/menu/ewrt/
    Dowload from: http://www.portless.net/menu/downloads/
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