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Discussion in 'EWRT Firmware Project' started by spankdidly, Mar 4, 2006.

  1. spankdidly

    spankdidly Network Guru Member

    Is there anyway to host your catsplash file on the router and have people get to the page without the router being on the net? I have my own page setup on the router, and I can see it, but only when it's plugged into my dsl. I'd like to have it not plugged into the net at all. Just when people connect, they see my splash page like an advertisement.
  2. CCongdon

    CCongdon LI Guru Member

  3. ftechsolutions

    ftechsolutions LI Guru Member

  4. CCongdon

    CCongdon LI Guru Member

    Yeah, I came across those directions too, and they seemed helpful... Except the 'device full' error I was getting.
  5. d0gwater

    d0gwater Guest

    no space left on the device

    same problem here. help.

    I can't copy any files to the opt/nocat directory (no space left on device). Any suggestions, I'd really like to get my custom page loaded to replace the splash.htm etc...
  6. freestyler

    freestyler Guest

    I have the same problem too :cry:

    I followed ERWT FAQ, on step 5 to create a custom splash page I get an error:

    I write via ssh (putty):
    # ewrt# cp -r /usr/share/nocat/htdocs .

    and I get the following error:
    cp: cannot create directory: No space left on device.

    Searching on the net I didn't find any solution, just another method to upload, via PSCP. I get the same error:

    pscp.exe -l root -r C:\scp\htdocs\
    scp: /opt/nocat: No space left on device.

    I'm new to linux, so I dont know if this can be of help, the DF command says:
    ewrt ~# df
    Filesystem 1k-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
    /dev/root 2752 2752 0 100% /
    /dev/mtdblock/5 320 320 0 100% /opt

    Any ideas? I have a WRT54G v3, and EWRT v0.4

    After hours trying to find a solution I reinstalled linksys original firmware and then again EWRT. With EWRT just installed and with its default settings I still get the same results.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    PD: EWRT is awesome
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