Excessive linking between WRTP54G and ADSL modem...

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by javiersf, May 7, 2007.

  1. javiersf

    javiersf LI Guru Member

    A very odd thing is happening with my WRTP54G: Since I unblocked it from Vonage using first the 1.0.62 and then the 3.1.17 and 3.1.22 ESTI firmwares, from time to time the linking between it and my ADSL modem (2wire 2701) is excessive.

    I mean the only blinking leds are the Internet one in my router and the Ethernet in my modem, they blink as if they were trying to communicate with each other. This happens even with my computer turned off so no network requests are made.

    The worst is that when that excessive linking between them happens (it could take more than 30 minutes) I have a very difficult time to access the internet (I have to reload everypage to have it shown in my Firefox 2, my email is not downloaded, if I am using Skype the calls are hunged up, I can not download any files and so on).

    I don't know what causes this: sometimes it happens when I d/l a file, sometimes it doesn't, sometimes when I surf a video website, sometimes it doesn't, so I don't have any pattern.

    I would like to know what would be the log on my router but I have no way to look at it (I have a windows xp computer, no linux one).

    I thought that maybe it was a bug with firmware 1.0.62, but after upgraded twice with newer fws, the problem remains.

    So far the only way I have to stop this is to unplug the network cable between the router and the modem, but I know this is not the very techie way :smile:

    Also, is there a way besides the reset button to reset the router (some 'hidden' option is the web configuration?

    thanks for all the help.
  2. stangri

    stangri LI Guru Member

    I think the shell-enabled 3.1.17 is linked somewhere from the openwrt wiki on this device. you can run "reboot" after logging in with the ssh to the router.
    mine has problems under the average load (when you max out the bandwidth with even 2 torrents), so I'm only running 1 at a time :)
    bought the router for my mom tho, who won't be torrenting when I'm not here.
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