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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by esaym, Nov 21, 2006.

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    I am looking for some advice about how to best set everything up. I have spent a couple of days reading on google about this and I found you guys :biggrin: I will be moving into a house that is owned by some relatives. Their house is about 200ft beside mine. As far as I know they have wireless internet with a wrt54g provided by the cable company. So with that in mind I don't think I can modify the firmware on theres. I can however buy one of my own. If I run mine in the router mode instead of the gateway mode will it be able to link up to theres and get internet access?

    The next problem is signal strength. I read a post on here where someone got a directional antenna and connected it to the left antenna plug on the wrt54g and left the right antenna stock. He was also trying to link 2 houses together so he pointed the directional antenna at the house. I don't see exactly how that would work. As far as I know on the wrt54g one antenna is for receiving and the other is for transmit or can each antenna do both?

    Now here is a twister. About a year ago my parents at their house got wireless broadband from the local netyeti isp: http://www.netyeti.com/ The isp installed a yagi antenna on the side of their house and ran the cabling through the attic. Being the curious person I am I decided to check out how this system was set up since all the computers in the house were wirelessly connected.

    The antenna outside was a directional yagi. I couldn't get close enough to it to see exactly what kind of cable was hooked up to it but I would assume it was some kind of coaxial. I went up into the attic and saw a wrt54gs with the both stock antennas still on. There was a cat5 cable coming out of the wan port on the wrt54 and about 3ft later there was a 2"x1" box and out the other side of the box ran the cable that went to the yagi antenna outside. I never looked close enough to see if it was coaxial or not. The box also had a small power cord coming off of it that was plugged into a nearby wall socket. So what was this box? Some kind of wireless modem or something? Like I said, it had the outside antenna running into one side of it and then out the other side was a cat5 cable that looked to be plugged into the wan port on the wrt54.

    I can't find any info on a set up like that. Thats the kind of set up that I would like to have because I would like to be able to place an antenna outside so that away I will get a fully functional wireless lan on the inside of the house.

    The other option I have is to use my smoothwall box. I could install a wireless pci card in it and it would only be seen as one computer by the wrt54g in the other house. I could run a cable outside from it and install a better antenna. However, I would like to use a wrt54g though since it will draw less power.

    Well anyway, throw me your ideas and opinions guys:biggrin:

    also I am new here:biggrin:
  2. esaym

    esaym LI Guru Member

    No one has any advice at all??:eek:

    Ok found me a good antenna i think: http://www.hyperlinktech.com/web/hg2414p.php I am going to stick it up on the mast of an old tv antenna that is between the house and the car port. It should give me line of sight to the house next door. Also for the cable I think lmr-400 should do. It looks like at 2500mhz it will only take off about 3db of the antenna's gain: http://www.m2inc.com/main html/lmr400_a.pdf Altought 30ft with connectors is $55, anyone got a better idea?

    So now that I got the antenna and cable, now what do I plug it into? It still seems like using my smoothwall box will be the cheapest and easiest as far as my knowledge. Give me some ideas here people!
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