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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by bigkpro, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. bigkpro

    bigkpro LI Guru Member

    Anyone heard when Linksys will get on the ball and release some ExpressCard wireless cards, esp the srx400 or N cards??? Noticed My new Dell used the ExpressCard slot (found out the hard way when I just got my srx400 wireless adapter and it would not fit, doooh) I heard that Netgear should release their Top Dog one to go with the current router in the next month or 2, and was hoping Linksys would stay on top and not fall behind netgear... Thanks
  2. bigkpro

    bigkpro LI Guru Member

    Super fast connection with SRX! wow!!!

    To give you an idea of the wonderful improvement of speed you get with the SRX400, here are my test findings!!!

    I put the SRX400 card in my dads older toshiba laptop and it is amazing. I went to the speakeasy website with the speedtest and it was amazing. With the srx 400 card in the laptop it was DL at almost 6mp, which is how fast the cable modem we have is. The same speed my desktop DL from it that is wired to to the router... My Dell laptop (with expres card slot and Dell 1390 wifi internal card) best result was 800kb, average was closer to 450-500kb. I never expected that much of an improvement! To bad they dont have a srx400 USB wlan adapter....
  3. somms

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    Re: Super fast connection with SRX! wow!!!


    You just need to tweak the TCP RX window to fix the Dell 1390 (Broadcom) throughput. Using a TCP window of 65535 I can now approach 8000kbps wirelessly using the site.

    BTW: It wouldn't hurt to also update to the latest Broadcom driver If you haven't done so already...
  4. bigkpro

    bigkpro LI Guru Member


    I will giove that a try. Is there a program I should run with DrTcp that can tell me whihc setting I shoudl tweak it to? I will try those setting tonight when I set my laptop up again. Thanks again for everyones imput!!!!!

    Never knew about the broadband drivers.. figured that would be part of the windows update, in either windows components or other drivers. I guess not. Leave it to Microsoft to keep screwing things up..
  5. somms

    somms Network Guru Member

    65535 is the highest RWIN you can use without Windows Scaling being turned on. So simply put, Scaling is needed to enter any number higher than 65535
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