Extend my wirless coverage, need suggestions please

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by robisc, Aug 15, 2005.

  1. robisc

    robisc Network Guru Member

    I have a WiFi issue and need assistance; I have a new Netgear WGT634U Wireless router which I need to expand the wireless coverage on throughout my house. Now I am not too familiar with WDS but understand that it cuts the throughput in half on the client AP only not the host AP in this case the Netgear, is this correct? To clarify, if I was using the wireless from the Netgear it would run at full speed (theoretically) but if I was using the WDS connected AP then my speed would be half correct?

    Also what about “bleed overâ€, if there was a minimal signal from AP 1 (Netgear) and a good signal from AP 2 which one would it use since they are on the same network?

    I have a DLink DI-514 which I don’t think supports WDS, but is there anyway to incorporate this router/AP into the equation to increase coverage?

    If not and my understanding is that the Linksys boxes (WRTG54) are WDS capable, then could this be used as a repeater with the Netgear remaining as the host or do you have to have 2 Linksys boxes?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated; obviously I would like to use the existing DLink router if at all possible without buying another router. But if the best most cost effective option would be a Linksys WRTG54 then I will go that route if it will work.
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