Extended range hotspot access

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Wingman, Nov 12, 2005.

  1. Wingman

    Wingman Guest

    I live on a sailboat and without cable or DSL, usually rely on a cellmodem internet connection. Subscription hotspot access (more bandwidth and not sold by the minute) is often available around marinas and anchorages but range is usually a problem. I have mounted a 4 foot 15db antenna on my radar arch and want to connect it by co-ax to a DLink ethernet bridge I have. Can I connect the bridge to the modem port on a router with cat 5 cable and then share that "connection" inside the boat over another radio channel?..or must I re-radiate the hotspot signal inside the boat using a second ethernet to WiFi bridge and use only one of my laptops as a normal client.

    In order for this rig to really be practical I will need an easy way to do a site survey at each new location, compare signal strengths, and reconfigure as necessary after signing on.

    Any help or comment and a router recommendation will be appreciated.

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