extending the WRV54G signal range (antenna/repeater)

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by 1m92, May 29, 2006.

  1. 1m92

    1m92 Guest

    I have tried extending the range of the WRV54G, using an indoor 7dBi omnidirectional antenna in the first place. This helped covering some spots, but not the toughest one.
    I therefore tried using a WAP54G, untill I thought to understand that this one could not be used for repeating the WRV54G signal, according to some document.
    Are there any workarounds, if this would be true? (such as appropriate firmwares?) I am using the latest official ones from linksys BTW.
    In case it would be better to use other equipment/other configurations: it would be nice to read about your ideas/experience.
    For clearness sake: the toughest point is about 20m away frow the router, with several walls in between.
    Many thanks in advance.
  2. TazUk

    TazUk Network Guru Member

    The WRV54G doesn't support WDS so no wireless repeating.

    Your choices are either to replace it with a router which does, such as the new WRV200, or have a wired connection to an AP located near to the problem area.
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