Extremely slow wired/wireless downloads with WRT54G

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by walterhklau, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. walterhklau

    walterhklau Guest

    I currently have a WRT54G V3.1 router. After some testing, I found that whenever I plugged in anyone of the 4 LAN ports, the connection speed for BOTH wired and wireless to the Internet will become extremely slow. Even I just work with wired connections, the speed is still extremely slow. And when I just have wireless connections, the speed is not stable (mostly much slower than what I should get, but still much better than with wired connection to the router).

    This happens when I first purchased a WRT54G V3, after calling linksys customer service and did some testing, the operator just told me to replace the unit. I then replaced it and linksys gave me back the current WRT54G V3.1. However, the problem still persist.

    I did tested both units with different firmwares from linksys, openwrt, hyperwrt, dd-wrt, and sveasoft firmwares. The same problem no matter what firmware I used.

    One more thing to mention, when using just wireless connections, although the download speed is quite unstable, the upload speed is almost always near perfect. And the communication between wireless clients is normal and at full speed.

    Is there problem with the internal switch in the router? Am I so lucky to get two units with the same defective chips?

    Anyone have the same problem? I am feeling so frustrated with this experience.
  2. Rough

    I've got a V3.1 with the 4.00.7 firmware that it came with. I've got pretty lame DSL to begin with, but the wired switch works just as well as being plugged directly into the modem.

    I realize this is obvious and may have been the first thing you checked, but are you sure this couldn't have to do with your ethernet card or your cables? Try throwing in a vanilla hub where the WRT54G used to be?
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