Feature Request - Client/Server signal strength

Discussion in 'HyperWAP Firmware' started by Lance, Nov 11, 2004.

  1. Lance

    Lance Network Guru Member

    I'm using a WAP54G in repeater mode like so:

    WRT54GS -> WAP54G -> WMP54GS

    Right now the WAP is located right next to the WMP54GS. The WMP NIC reports a connection speed of 54 Mbps even when the WRT router is turned off. Timing the transfer of a large file results in a measured connection speed of 5-6 Mbps.

    Seems to me the WMP is only reporting about it's connection with the WAP. Plus, I probably have a weak WRT-to-WAP connection and a strong WAP-to-WMP connection.

    If I move the WAP closer to the WRT I can probably get a better overall connection. But there is no convenient way to determine the signal strength between the WRT and WAP.

    Is it possible to incorporate some kind of signal strength indication into the WAP54G in repeater mode? Is there some other way I haven't thought of?

  2. fester_wi

    fester_wi Network Guru Member

    I would also love to see this. even just a "site monitor" screen.
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