Feature request: Per-IP bandwidth monitoring

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Tremelune, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. Tremelune

    Tremelune LI Guru Member

    One of the main things I use Tomato for is to monitor the traffic of the different (unknown) machines on my network. The bandwidth monitor is great, but it would be amazing if it could break down usage by MAC address or something similar. Then I would know exactly who is hammering my connection.

    Are there any plans for this in the future? Is there (I hope) some way to activate this currently? The QoS charts are pretty handy, but they only tell a piece of the story.
  2. der_Kief

    der_Kief Super Moderator Staff Member Member


    ask Jon and tell us about it !

  3. Tremelune

    Tremelune LI Guru Member

    Well, I sent an email a while back...Figured I'd try and see if it was already a feature (and maybe get some me too's on the forum)...
  4. Hypernova

    Hypernova LI Guru Member

    Remember the iptables script:
    iptables -N traffic_in
    iptables -N traffic_out
    iptables -I FORWARD 1 -j traffic_in
    iptables -I FORWARD 2 -j traffic_out

    iptables -A traffic_in -d <IP of computer X added to statistics>
    iptables -A traffic_out -s <IP of computer X added to statistics>

    I'm actually writing a small app that will save and tally up the data between reboots. It's still a bit messy but it get the job done (somewhat).

    IIRC iptables had functions that save and load records but was removed in the firmware to save space. My code uses a brute force approach that save the iptable -L results to /tmp/ and then process them with scanf()'s.
  5. Tremelune

    Tremelune LI Guru Member

    Oh my. Does that script then add the IP statistics to the Tomato charts or does it spit out the current usage of the moment or what? I have yet to add anything custom to Tomato, and I'm unfamiliar with all of this.
  6. Hypernova

    Hypernova LI Guru Member

    The statistic can only be retrieved by telnet into the router and is reset every time the router or you WAN connection goes down. Hence why I wrote a programme to preserve the values and saving the stats to a file.
  7. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

  8. twilight.z

    twilight.z Guest

    I also totally support the request for this feature.
    I mean it'll be pretty handy to see which machines consume the most traffic, etc.
  9. jdub8

    jdub8 LI Guru Member

    I would very much like to see this feature as well, especially if it had a "Kick from DHCP" button next to each IP... maybe a Quick list of selectable "ban" times so you can quickly free up bandwidth.
  10. codenamem27

    codenamem27 Addicted to LI Member

    i also wish tomato to have this feature
  11. mikester

    mikester Network Guru Member

    I think you'd really like to see NTOP ported over to Tomato then

  12. mshobe

    mshobe Addicted to LI Member

    Bump for feature request... still a lot of interest?
  13. Tremelune

    Tremelune LI Guru Member

    Well, I kind of assumed that all the traffic came in as per IP/MAC and was then combined in the graph. If that's not the case, this could be a real pain.
  14. QSxx

    QSxx Network Guru Member

    Here we go again...

    Any solution? i THINK i saw a screenshot of something like this somewhere on this forum. Only problem is i cant find it...

    But yeah, i would like to see a way to at least graph per IP bandwidth usage...
  15. Yea especially when you want to prove to your mate that his machine takes up the entire download speed leaving nothing for us to use.

    Idiot housemate (long story)
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