Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by tracer, Jul 10, 2005.

  1. tracer

    tracer Network Guru Member

    where can i find what features the basic/full version hold..
    ppl say a readme file in the archive..but all i see is a changelog and a notes file..

    with the changelog is see bugfixes but not a featurelist..
    the notes are pretty much useless because it only tells about chillispot :)
  2. Killua

    Killua Network Guru Member

    from the changelog, see bold text:

    v22 final:
    wrong client ssid association fix
    bird fix, for disabled routing
    dropbear updated to latest version
    site survey typo fix (title)
    reboot scheduler cron fix

    reboot scheduler web fix
    rflow crashbug fixed
    try to fix the ssid problem
    rflow/macupd script fix
    reboot scheduler initialisation fix (error in script)
    ssid join fix (experimental)
    backup/restore variables updated to include all common modules
    chinese (traditional) updated with latest language file
    ipkg config updated with more options for smbfs and mmc storage support
    mmc/ipv6 only included in full version now
    smtp relay option for forwarding smtp requests to a central server
    more chillispot options in the administration area
    filter changes
    path env fixed
    overclocking code removed again
    more pppoe fixes by ice-man
    pattern header fixed
    pppoecd module fix by ice-man
    asus WL500G support (internally, not included in this release)
    tftp pattern added for specific models
    kernel speed optimization added
    linksys patches removed, bricking many router models
    added latest fixes from linksys sourcecode (stability related)
    routing page fixed
    ipp2p filter updated
    linksys pppoe fix (by ice-man)
    dnsmasq fixed
    pppoe module updated (2.4.3 with some mods)
    MMC/SD Card support added ( look at http://kiel.kool.dk:27/ for HW mod)
    afterburner selection fixed
    dnsmasq updated
    chinese language fix (codepage)
    routing interface selection fixed
    wlconf enhanced for wpa2 support
    new startup code added
    bulgarian added
    chinese (traditional) added
    port forwards now increased to 30 rows
    radvd compiled in now (no web configuration yet)
    ipv6 support (with web configuration)
    source now compiled with gcc 3.3.5
    wrt-radauth mactype and shared key type fixed
    webfiles updated again
    lzma kernel loader updated
    snmp map fixed (old style dd-wrt v20)
    wrt-radauth webmenu fixed
    wrt-radauth mactype fixed
    macupd updated
    dutch added
    portuguese (brazilian) added
    croatian language added
    gnu zebra routing exchanged with bird
    bgp routing code internally added (webcode not finished yet)
    kernel lzma compression added
    dropbear readded in basic firmware
    WRT54G V3 support

    kaid mac config fixed
    chillispot startup fixed
    wireless advanced helpfile updated (thx duality)
    wireless advanced fixed
    Wireless short/long preamble selection added (thx duality)
    wireless access option added in wireless advanced menu (thx duality)
    chillispot dhcp interface selection (lan,wan,lan+wlan)
    chillispot additional configuration added
    client leases stored to jffs2 added (if enabled)
    multilanguage support for German,Spanish,French,Italian
    web server improved
    several web bugs fixed (thx, Cesar and Duality)
    jffs2 is working now
    firmware splittet in 2 versions.
    basic = does not contain dropbear, chillispot, samba and kaid
    full = all features of the common firmware
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