Fedora to xp Ok; going back is not

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by vinic0com, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. vinic0com

    vinic0com Network Guru Member

    In the process of weening us off the microsoft tit. Have setup one pc with fedora (love it), and all the other's are still on xp. Have a wrt54g setup with dd-wrt v.23 std.generic Everyone gets online with no prob, but the xp's cannot see the linux and the lan connection from the linux is inconsistant. When I can connect with the other boxes (haven't quite noticed what causes this to become available... periodicaly reboot the router and the pc), fedora can see and pull files from the xp's.

    'bout the only thing I've played with was the firewall, just to check. Seems to work the same either way.

    My goal is to setup a bridge to another DD-WRT flashed router (two v.3's on their way now from amazonUsed and ebay), but I'm trying to get to know the system and get just this simple lan/wan working the way I had it before with all xp's and linksys firmware. The other goal is to get completely away, far away, from ms, but the Quickbook issue seems to be a major factor.

    Guidence is much appreciated. These forums have been a godsend so far....... for a lurker setting things up in a lonely, dark office!

    thanx a bunch,

  2. bluebox

    bluebox Network Guru Member

    Off (messageboard) topic quick tips:

    * Configure Samba correctly. I think this may be the problem. Check the samba web page.
    * Use VMWare to have a MS session in Linux to run QB and other stuff
    * Check http://lxer.com/module/newswire/view/47135/ for a pointer to a replacement for QB - I know some lame accountants will say "I cant switch..." but the fact of the matter is that accounting is very simple, and any software should work as well as any other, unless the accountant just likes to do zero accounting and mindlessly push a few buttons...if he is free, I guess that is acceptable... ;-)

    I'm still running Microsoft through VMware. The way I see it, right now, no one that does a lot of tech can completely escape MS. Here are my biggest sticking points that keep me on MS - if anyone has good Linux alternatives, let me know:

    * Macromdea Dreamweaver. Seems there is no *powerfull* Linux web authoring software that can compare. Please prove me wrong!

    * Internet Explorer only web pages. While some have the luxury of avoiding them, and others might say "the web programmer is at fault" and they would both be right - fact is I need to access web pages that have not taken other browsers into consideration, and only function with IE.

    * Editing Adobe Acrobat files on the fly. As far as I can tell, most PDF functions can be done without Acrobat except this. Editing a PDF on the fly requires the full version of Acrobat, which they don't have on Linux.

    * Scanners can be notoriously driver-dependant. Mine won't work with Linux (at least after a few hours of trying...)

    * Microsoft Office. I don't know. OpenOffice works well, but I have a HUGE amount of existing MS Office documents and receive MS office documents regularly. OpenOffice does not open all of them cleanly and formatted the way it is expected. Nothing that can't be overcome with extra work - but I don't have the time to reformat thousands of documents, and extra work is not what I'm looking for.

    * Stamps.com - Yeah, there are alternatives, and I now use USPS click-n-ship for most of my USPS shipping. But there are some small things that I do on s.c that can't be done in other ways easily. So I still find myself firing up windows for that.

    *AND THE BIGGEST ONE OF ALL - if you do tech support you need to speak the language fluently. You must use Microsoft OSes all the time if you want to be any kind of tech that can support MS OSes. Now if you don't find that supporting MS is in your best interest, then you can drop this one like a hot potato! Where I live I need to support everything, because there is a very small market and thousands of miles of oceans (and lots of sun and sand) keeping me from getting a bigger one!

    So, the way I see it, any server I ever build, will always, no matter what, be on Linux. It can do almost any server application better than Microsoft. Anything. Except MS propriatery functions, and I don't, and won't, ever have time for that.

    My workstation runs Ubuntu Linux with VMware with several virtual machines, including Microsoft based OSes.

    whew...that was wordy...
  3. vinic0com

    vinic0com Network Guru Member


    editing the smb.config with there simple example did the trick.... still not sure why this would've been different with dd-wrt.

    thanx mark
  4. vinic0com

    vinic0com Network Guru Member

    Looks like the problem of access from the xp side was solved by diabling SELinux, and not necessarily "ust" the config file.

    Does anyone know of a way to have this work without disabling SELinux?

    I know this worked and worked well before flashing with dd-wrt v.23. Something in that process has changed the setup.

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