Feedback on WAP54GP and WAP54GPE

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by rex0r, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. rex0r

    rex0r Network Guru Member

    Hi all,

    I'm in the prelims of setting up a wireless bridge between 2 buildings approx. 500ft apart from each other line of sight.

    I was just wondering if anyone has been using these APs and to get some feedback as to how they are performing and also if anyone has used them for a similar implementation.

    I'd also like to know the azimuth and horizontal planes for the internal antenna to know if it will actually reach 500ft and at what speed.

    Doesn't seem to be too popular yet but I hope this thread springs some interest.

    Thanks a mil.
  2. megablaster

    megablaster Network Guru Member

    Don't. Use Cisco.
    WAP54GPE is a total mayhem when it comes to noise. So don't use it unless you leave in a quiet area.
  3. rex0r

    rex0r Network Guru Member

    Noise is not really an issue for me. I just want to make sure that the units are solid and stable and do their job well.
  4. jafn82

    jafn82 LI Guru Member


    Hi I have set that configuration with two wap54gpe (300 meters one from the other), I set them in bridge mode, they function well, but one of them just fried, I dont know why? but there are two options:

    1- It leaked water and fried.
    2. Some contruction workers were on the roof doing impermeabilization tasks, and burn the ethernet cable wich may cause the internals threads of the cable got fusinoned and then burned the equipment.

    But checking the equipment the ethernet conector was corrode, they were functioning since april, everything fine until now.
    I recommned to you (if you decide use them to) put anticorrosion tape on the antena conector and the ethernet conector in order to avoid leaking water and sucesive corrosion.
    that is my experience Thanks!
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