Few questions about the NSLU2

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by Chicken, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. Chicken

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    Hi Linksys fans,

    First, I have to say hello because i'm a new member on this forum.
    Second, I got some questions about the NSLU2.

    I ordered an Linksys NSLU2 and should be arriving within a week. Before I get this thingie at home, I want to know something. Hope you guys can help me out.

    1. I read serveral topics and it's possible to put more then 1 (one) harddisk on USB port 1 on the NSLU2. I'm planning to use an powered USB 2.0 Hub and connect 2 or 3 harddisks to USB port 1 on the NSLU2. These harddisks will be all using NTFS and 200GB.
    This is possible, right? And how about an unpowered USB hub (without power adapter), will that work or it has not enough power to keep both/all the disks works?

    2. I also read about the disks will be recognized on a Windows XP machine. They will be recognized as "removable disk" or something. But according to my knowledge that is only possible with UPnP. It's also possible to use it like network shares? Then I mean like I share a folder on my pc and name is "share1" and the other pc's on the network can see it as "share1" and can make a network drive from that. That is also possible with the NSLU2, right? Or it's only possible with that UPnP?

    3. When I plug more then 1 harddisk on one USB port. Two 200gb's in my case. It will be shown up as two harddisks of 200gb or one of 400gb on the webinterface/status?

    4. It's possible to use RAID1/0 arrays?
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