Few questions for Thibor15c

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by vonloschz, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. vonloschz

    vonloschz Network Guru Member

    Hello and thanks ALOT for this great firmware =)

    Here my question ....
    Do I have a real RW + delete on filesystem NTFS and EXT3 or only on FAT32 ?
    Should I really generate a ssh key or just the passwd is good ?
    Why I can't have more than 2 MB/sec on share and FTP and not 12 MB/sec ???
  2. vonloschz

    vonloschz Network Guru Member

    1- It's look like FAT32 in full RW support other in read only.
    2- Good pratice say yes.

    3- 2 MB/sec with USB port ... can someone confirm me this please.
    Cause I will return the router, IMO I should have at least 10 MB/sec
  3. vonloschz

    vonloschz Network Guru Member

    Another question .....
    Why I can't write on ext3 partition in smb or ftp mode but with a ssh connection I can write and delete without probleme.

  4. vonloschz

    vonloschz Network Guru Member

    again me lol
    I solve my ext3 permission probleme under smb and ftp.
    I do a chmod -R 774 /foreign_shares/EXT32 and I add the user admin in group root inside /etc/group files.

    I still have a speed issue =(
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