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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by SIMJEDI, Jan 20, 2006.


    SIMJEDI Network Guru Member

    After searching here for days I cannot find an answer to my problem so I am finally going to pop a question.

    I have bought a WRT54Gs and have 2 wireless connections and 1 wired one. The problem is that the 2 wireless devices can both trade files just fine and the wired one can pull files from both the wireless ones but when it comes to wireless connections trying to pull from the wired one a password prompt appears.

    I have noticed that the wired computer has the same IP as the router so I am assuming when the wireless connections try to access the wired computer the router is interfering because a password prompt appears, but it demands a user name not just the password.

    If anybody can make sense of both this problem and my question :grin: it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. NateHoy

    NateHoy Network Guru Member

    Your router should be set up with as its default IP address, and the DHCP server should be serving out different addresses in the range of to however big you made your DHCP range.

    Having two devices on the network with the same IP address will cause you all sorts of grief.

    SIMJEDI Network Guru Member

    Thanks for the reply Nate.

    Ok, now that I have the wired computer with it's own IP it still ask for a password. I don't remember ever having intentionally setup a required password for the wired computer either in the router or the computer so where should I be looking to see if there is one, even in user accounts I don't have one setup.

    Thanks in advance again.

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