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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Sunspark, Oct 26, 2008.

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    Ok this is interesting.. in the past randomly I have had a wireless problem where I'd be doing my thing, and then it would just disconnect me and I'd be unable to log back in.. meanwhile the LAN side would be just fine. After a bit it'd be fine again.

    I was never able to figure out what causes it. But today I have observations.

    Last time it happened, I installed the "new drivers" version of Tomato to see if that would resolve the issue.

    Much to my displeasure, I had a disconnect today, 8 days after installing the new firmware.

    I was able to sporadically connect for a second or so and observe the web page was still running, and pings would be sporadic but very high pings. On the lan side, the cpu usage was fine. The rest of the time trying to connect, I would get that pop up dialog box asking me to give my perfectly valid password which would get rejected. I am using WPA2-AES.

    I looked at the logs on the lan side. There is nothing in there.

    My router was set for channel 2 in mixed mode.

    I was noticing that I was able to connect to someone else who was on 6 from my laptop.

    I have not power cycled or rebooted my router at any time during this. Nor had I rebooted the laptop, though I did turn the wireless mode on it on and off a few times.

    I decided to take my laptop and I walked right up to the router with it.. it connected, and held the signal.

    I changed the channel to 11, and went back to my room. Laptop connected fine as it was before.

    My theory is one of two things:

    1) Something inside the wan part of the router (or laptop?) glitched and changing the channel reset the hardware in an unknown manner.

    2) Interference!! From some unknown source. Could have been a cordless phone, could have been a pre-n router, could have been anything on the 2.4 band, but the problems seemed worst on the lower channels.

    I also think I remember seeing a spectrum analyzer some time ago that showed N routers and certain cordless phones appearing more often in the lower channels, though they would interfere in all. So I tend to think I was getting zapped by some noisy interfering device, perhaps as close as next door.

    So I guess at this point I will leave it in 11 and see how long it takes before I notice a 'wireless freeze and drop' again. Too bad, because the lower channels were pretty much empty of b-g routers.

    Hope this info helps someone.
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