Finally I give up on the RV042

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by DummyPLUG, Mar 17, 2006.

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    I had so much trouble with my RV042, VPN problem, routing performance problem and SACKS disable. tonight I take out the oudated 3com 3crw554g72 (not the 72T) as I will sold my RV042 to somebody tomorrow. :sadbye:

    I am very supprise that the 3com works beauty now :cheering: , as the reason I switch to RV042 is due to incompatible with my ISP/VDSL modem. Anyway it didn't have the problem of the RV042:
    1. router stop response when keep uploading over 600kB with about 40~60 sessions for evern 5~15 second/
    2. when there the upload is max out at 1MB, the download bandwith limit back to about 500kB
    3. SACKS disabled in anyway
    4. always reboot when large loading
    5. if I set to certain MTU, it will reboot within 2~5 mins, depends how much I had upload...

    all of these didn't happen with the old 3com, except when large loading, it is unable to connect to the 3com's web interface.

    although the 3com just can handle about 2000 session, and no VPN support, but it is better then having a router which will always hang, disconnect, and slow down a lot. :thumbdown:

    Hope linksys can make much better firmware in futuer, and I can switch back to linksys later, as I Love the WRV54G design very much!!! :cheer:

    p.s. for those having the problem 1, 2, install cfospeed will solve the problem, I guess this is due to the cfospeed filter out the ACKs and combine into one and help the RV042 not to be overflow. Just my thought.
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