Firmware advise for e4200 hosting WAN/PPPoE connection and OpenVPN tunnel to Astrill VPN service

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by nliang, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. nliang

    nliang Serious Server Member

    My set up is fairly straight forward:

    E4200 as main router/gateway, maintaining:
    - WAN: ISP's fiber connection (dynamic IP) through a PPPoE connection
    - LAN is behind the e4200, managing all the internal file transfer traffic
    - tun: keeps an OpenVPN Tunnel connected to Astrill VPN's commercial service

    I had this set up and running pretty smoothly using the 128.4798.1 release. After applying the 128.5000.2 release, something seems to have gone wrong in the OpenVPN tunnel configuration. Any selective routing (by IP or Device) no longer works.

    FYI I have the Astrill VPN applet also installed on top of the router firmware. This applet handles all the log-in, routing policies, etc for the tunnel.

    Looking into the openvpn logs, I can see that when the Astrill applet is applying routing rules the router firmware gives an error indicating that ifconfig has failed.

    I have reverted back to a dd-wrt firmware for now and things are working the way I want them to. I miss Tomato firmware though!
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