Firmware compiled from source bricked my RVS4000

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by robertwojo, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. robertwojo

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    I tried to follow the instructions in the rvs4000 tarball exactly (which says run ./, add it to your path and 'make') but it seemed to have bricked my RVS4000.

    I used the following package:

    # md5sum RVS4000_v1.1.09.tar.gz
    f7d471fd9e3b82b5d5f373c18e90d272 RVS4000_v1.1.09.tar.gz

    and flashed the resulting rvs4000.img file out of this bunch:

    8389120 Jul 23 07:50 rvs4000_a.img
    8388608 Jul 23 07:50 rvs4000.bin
    8389120 Jul 23 07:50 rvs4000.img

    Any ideas? Did I burn using the wrong image file? Right now all I get is a solid power and diag LED. I tried the layer 2 recovery tool to no avail.

    And if you're curious I did this, it was to upgrade openswan 2.4.4 to support NAT-T with aggressive mode, something fixed in the later versions but I just applied the patches here: Something else that would work well for me is certificate support for IPSEC tunnels :wink:


    -- Robert
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