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Should SVEASOFT be allowed to charge for the right to download thier firmware?

  1. Leave SVEASOFT alone man, let it be.

  2. I dont mind paying but it should be free for everyone.

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  3. The firmware should be public access and not only for paying customers.

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  4. I dont like / use thier firmware so I don't care.

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  1. whittinghamj

    whittinghamj Network Guru Member

    Hey yall, just a quick message,

    If your looking for download links for the WRT54G and /GS then I have a simple download page I run and host myself.

    If you have anything you would like to add or something you want me to find for you and host then please let me know.

    If you are the auther of firmware and would like to have your bin's / source hosted on my server's then please email me on the address given on that page.

    To comply with the GLS requirments I offer both BIN / SOURCE files. To save me a little bandwidth and space on the server I have not listed the download links for the source files but they are there. Please read my site for info on downloading the source files by request only. There is NO fee for the downloads so download as many times as you like.

    I dont have alot of spare time so I know the site sucks right now but I am working on a nicer site and if you would like to offer your support and assist in this project in any way then please email me.

    Kind Regards

  2. NetrixTardis

    NetrixTardis Network Guru Member

  3. whittinghamj

    whittinghamj Network Guru Member

    oh well, each to thier own view. At the end of the day I dont like the guy and its my personal opinion. I got ripped off and insulted by the owner of SVEASOFT and its not the first person he has ran off cos of his mouth. He does a good job at what he does but he has alot of room to change the way he handles people in general. but thats just my opinion.
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