Firmware for WRT54GL v1.1

Discussion in 'Linksys Official Firmware' started by Kezern, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. Kezern

    Kezern Guest

    I have been looking for the firmware for this version in linksys web page and I cant find it. I can only get the firmware for v1.0.
    Does anybody know where can I download the firm for my version?
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    The v1.0 and v1.1 have very similar architechure. v4.30.2 is listed, however v4.30.5 is available for the WRT54G v1-v4

    The GL is based on the v4.0 WRT54G. v4.30.5 is available for that and it can be downloaded at this website.
  3. sNNooPY

    sNNooPY LI Guru Member

    mine says:
    Firmware Version : v4.30.7, Jun. 20, 2006
  4. ka9yhd

    ka9yhd LI Guru Member

    Hello and welcome to the forums.

    Snnoopy I have noticed that your in Croatia. That 4.30.7 firmware might be a European version.

    I am in America and my WRT54GL version 1.1 came with firmware 4.30.2 on it.
  5. sNNooPY

    sNNooPY LI Guru Member

    could be...
    I bought mine less than a week ago.
  6. Maniacmous

    Maniacmous Network Guru Member

    I just got mine today from Amazon, has 4.30.7 firmware on it as well.
  7. sepht

    sepht LI Guru Member

    Same with mine, can anyone find a bin copy of the firmware in case I mess mine up?
  8. sNNooPY

    sNNooPY LI Guru Member
  9. satawn

    satawn LI Guru Member

    I bought mine with the same f/w version yesterday.
    Have loads of problems connecting a 802.11b card to it.

    Anyway, is the UK version (the ETSI ?) also good for a Israeli linksys (I see they have a few versions in the GPL section DE/ETSI/etc..)

  10. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    ETSI is the european standard firmware. others like DE FR etc are in the native language afaik. FR French DE German etc etc. they still have the same features as the ETSI version.

    The US version is the same except it has less channels.

    US 1-11
    ETSI 1-13
    JPN 1-14

    Best option for the GL is the 3rd Party Firmware. for more information.
  11. sepht

    sepht LI Guru Member

    I'm wondering, the 4.30.7 firmware that was posted is from the UK linksys site, the standard(US) doesn't have it. Would the GL 1.1 I bought yesterday (off a US site, I live in the US) work fine with the UK firmware?
  12. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

  13. satawn

    satawn LI Guru Member

    I burned the 15c version, quite nice, didn't solve my problem but it's a nice piece of software..
  14. aforart

    aforart Guest

    My WRT54GL V1.1 also was shipped with Firmware V4.30.7.
    The highest compiled version on the Linksys download site shows V4.30.2. In the GPL section I found the Source code for most Versions from 4.30.0 through 4.30.7. I have a MAJOR problem with setting up Wireless MAC address Deny / Allow. When attempting to set up a deny/allow list as soon as I select "Edit List" the browser I am using crashes. On multiple computers and multiple browsers (Mozilla, Seamonkey and an old version of Netscape !!
    Linksys told me to down grade to Version 4.30.2, the only version available compiled. The Indian gentleman I spoke to REFUSED to say if this was a common problem (Browser Crash) but hemmed and Hawed enoughh to make me believe he had heard of the problem before. His supervisor suggested I "upgrade to a WRT54G" I told him (the supervisor) THAT was NOT going to happen. I am really getting tired of being fed BS and being told I should enjoy it !!!!! Tomorrow I call Linksys Customer Service and if I do not get better answers than I got tonight I'll take this up with some friends at Cisco Systems. And if no satisfaction I'll fill every Wireless forum on the net with my story.
  15. ak01q

    ak01q LI Guru Member

    I too am having major issues trying to get access restrictions to work with my WRT54GL v1.1 with v4.30.7 firmware. My browser doesn't crash but the restrictions don't work or turns off other PC's or combinations thereof. I have given up for now and removed all restrictions.
  16. ak01q

    ak01q LI Guru Member

    I bought mine from a couple weeks ago and it has v4.30.7 on it. I can't get access restrictions to work...AT ALL. I've tried a lot of combinations and am convinced that the firmware is at fault. Any suggestions? Doesn't look like Linksys is going to have a fix any time soon!
  17. bigl2

    bigl2 Network Guru Member

    @ak01g - Install different firmware - DD-WRT, Tomato or OpenWRT.
  18. Bonny

    Bonny Guest

    I append my message here...

    I'm quite a newbie and got my hands on a WRT54GL v. 1.1 right now.

    As I'm in Italy, I just can download the 4.30.2 as "latest" official firmware.

    a) would I have some troubles while installing 4.30.7 from the UK site?
    b) which is "the best" 3rd party firmware for this tiny router?

    The latter question is to know which firmware I would have to use for configuring my router not as an Access Point, but as a repeater/bridge.

    Thanks in advance.:wink:
  19. sNNooPY

    sNNooPY LI Guru Member

    nope. If you have WRT54GL v1.1 EU there shouldn't be any problems.
    depends on what you need. IMHO, DD-WRT & HyperWRT own. :D

    don't know which one supports that. I use Linksys original firmware since I don't need any extra options.
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