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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by libonatid, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. libonatid

    libonatid Guest

    Can someone tell me if there is another version of firmware that I can use on the Linksys WRT54GX ver.2 model? I have tried the offical version from Linksys ... but had many problems with this router / access point. I would like to try a different firmware version and looking for anyone who has had luck with this model...

    Many thanks in advance for your help!
  2. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    The latest version of the firmware isd 2.00.15 release on 3/17/2006/ There is no third party frimware for any of the SRX series of routers. This is the chnage log:

    Linksys- A Division of Cisco Systems, Inc.

    Release Date : March 17, 2006
    Current Firmware : 2.00.15
    Product PartNo : WRT54GX ver.2

    Ver #. Date Description
    2.00.15 March 17, 2006 1. Fixed @home issue in Europe
    2. Modified security option with NAT redirection option.
    3. Fixed PAP2 connection issue
    4. Fixed PPPoE reconnection with Belgacom issue.
    5. Modified the help files.
    6. Fixed some web interface incompatiblity with MACs using Safari.
    7. Fixed issue with some voice capable devices.
    8. Fixed Access restrictions using TCP and UDP at the same time.

    2.00.11 Dec 21, 2005 1. Fixed a problem with PPPoE and PPTP MSS issue.
    2. Fixed some typos in the User interface.
    3. Fixed PPTP connection type MTU size having an
    issue with NAT.
    4. Fixed problem with DHCP Server on the LAN side.
    5. Fixed PPTP server will not work on the LAN side using port
    forwarding or DMZ.
    6. Fixed in some cases where a 100Mbps connectivity went down
    to 10Mbps.
    7. FIxed problem with WEP key length.
    8. Fixed user interface for the wireless security WEP key display.
    9. Fixed user interface for the LAN settings not taking into
    effect after saving settings.
    10. Fixed setup wizard not saving the WEP key properly.
    11. Fixed DoS log not starting properly.
    12. Fixed issues using Access restrictions using MAC address or IP address
    not working properly.
    13. Fixed Log time not saved properly.
    14. Fixed problem with some older browswer not allowing to be upgraded.
    15. Fixed status page where it shows connected, even when it is disconnected.
    16. Updated switch and wireless module library.
    17. Changed default for PPTP/PPPoE to keep alive for USA firmware.
    18. Changed the CTS protection mode to disable by default.

    2.00.8 Jul 19, 2005 1. Fixed where all ports were scanned as closed, not stealth
    2. DMZ LED was not turning on and off when enabled and disabled.
    3. Fixed security hole were the router's web interface can be
    access through
    4. Fixed Static DNS does not work in DHCP and PPPoE mode.
    5. Added TKIP+AES configuratioin for both PSK/Radius webpage.
    6. Added Status Router page will update every 10 seconds.
    7. Fixed Timezone had no effect in PPPoE, unless it was rebooted.
    8. Fixed issue with associating when in a noise environment.

    2.00.05 May 27, 2005 First release

    Check your user guide for Upgrade instructions.

    Describe your problems, maybe someone can help you.
  3. Serevinus

    Serevinus Guest

    Is it safe to use the US firmware (filename WRT54GX_V2_USA_2.00.15.bix) on a UK router?
    I have looked for a UK version but there don't seem to be any firmware updates at all for this router on the UK site.
  4. unclesem

    unclesem Network Guru Member

    It is the same just with preset US as a country.
    You can install it on you router and if you REALLY need last 3 channels just go to http://your.router.ip/wifi.asp and change country to EU
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